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Best quality management from design to processing and inspection
The highest quality product creted by the best technology in design, processing, and inspection
“We aim to be g global aircraft part manufacturing company, providing customers with the best quality and the best service”

In the aircraft component manufacturing arena, state-of-the-art Eunyoo Aero Precision Inc. participates in civil aircraft manufacture by cooperating with Boeing, Airbus and other aerospace companies. Eunyoo Aero Precision Inc. mainly produces 3D-image aircraft parts by using 5-axis CNC techmology and by using the most advanced CAD/CAM programs. Beginning with component design and continuing through processing and inspection, quality products are manufactured with a very high standard and the lasters techmology such as AS9100 certificate, which enables Eunyoo Aero Precision Inc. to be a stable supplier and to satisfy the needs of our customers. Eunyoo Aero Precision Inc. aim to be g global aircraft part manufacturing company with a consistent innovation producing product quality. We promise to provide customers with the best quality service and techmology. We ask you to support us to reach our goals.